Medusa BioDark Video

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Custom Tattoo by Israel White – @mrwhitetattoos

↓↓↓Next Stops – Tour 2023↓↓↓

Rome (Italy) 14-15 October  »International Tattoo Expo Roma»-‘The Original’

Bern (Switzerland) – December – Guest Spot

Leipzig (Germany) – Dates Coming Soon

Memories from Brugge (Belgium)

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Recuerdos de Brujas!!

Síguenos en redes sociales (@mrwhitetattoos) para estar al tanto de dónde estaré tatuando próximamente. Muchas gracias amigos por vuestro apoyo constante.


↓↓↓Next Stops – Tour 2023↓↓↓

Rome (Italy) 14-15 October  »International Tattoo Expo Roma»-‘The Original’

Bern (Switzerland) – DecemberGuest Spot

Leipzig (Germany) – Dates Coming Soon




International Brugge Tattoo Convention

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This year i’ll be present at ‘International Brugge Tattoo Convention’

23,24 September, 2023. Brugge (Belgium).

Bookings are open!!  Send an email to   or Instagram MD @mrwhitetattoos

See you there my friends!! 

Brujas, nos vemos pronto!!

 ↓↓More dates and places↓↓

Dog Portrait (Realism)

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I love to do animals portraits!!! This time a dog portrait. ↓↓Video↓↓

More realism tats following this link

Tattoos (massive cover up, freehand, biosurreal, necrodark, biodark…)

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Os dejo videos de tatuajes hechos durante las ultimas semanas, sin filtros, al natural. 

Podéis ver éste y otros tatuajes pinchando el siguiente enlace.

La mejor manera para pedir cita es mandando un mensaje al correo eléctrónico  o  bien a través de las redes sociales instagram (@mrwhitetattoos) y facebook. Muchas gracias a todos. ↓↓↓VIDEOS↓↓↓


〈Eng〉 You can see several tattoo videos from last weeks, without filters, only natural tattoos.

Following this link you’ll see this and other tattoos

The best way to make an appointment is by sending a message to the email or social media Instagram (@mrwhitetattoos) and Facebook.

Thx a lot!!!


↓↓↓Tour 2023 »PART II»↓↓↓

+ Brugge 23-24 September 2023 (Belgium) »Brujas»  »International Brugge Tattoo Convention» 

+ Rome 14-15 October 2023 (Italy)   ‘The Original’ International Tattoo Expo Roma (XXIII Edition)

+ Leipzig (Germany) »Dates Coming Soon»

+ Bern (Switzerland)  »Dates Coming Soon»

Regular Guest at CK Tattoo Studio – Geneve (Switzerland)……….Next guest at 2024.

(Bookings: or

See you soon my friends!!!


Memories from The Alps (Switzerland)

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〈Eng〉 Memories from Alchemy Tattoo Expo (Conthey-Switzerland).

Thank you so much to Monique and her crew… see you next year my swiss friends!! And a million thank’s to my mates and the new ones, you know who you are!! Rock on!!

(»The Forbidden Picture» is at the end of the video hahaha) ↓↓↓VIDEO↓↓↓

Music by ‘Insomnium’.